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Obligatory Disclosure:
...a place to vent, to release some frustration against a world of false-media and corporate strangleholds. a platform from which to voice your opinions without bias or scorn and a place to share through experience...please, speak freely...

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Sep. 12th, 2006 @ 07:44 pm (no subject)

Get out of my way.

This is absurd.
I'm talking to myself.
But I'm blocking my own path. Holding myself back. Pushing myself down.
How do i tell Me to stop?
I can talk to myself
but how do i tell myself something?
I am my own arch-enemy.
Destined to defeat
The battle between the eagle and the snake.

Get out of my way.
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Aug. 28th, 2006 @ 03:58 pm Outward Digression
I woke up with some serious goddamn depression this morning.
I can't even explain why.
It's just -
well, right now there doesn't seem to be a point in anything - absolutely nothing at all.
I want to walk up and push over the cardboard cut-out scenery that makes up our existence.
I don't know.
There are times when life amazes the fucking hell out of me - where i can't believe the levels of
fun, enjoyment, and pure emotional exhileration
the body
is capable of feeling. But at the same time,

These fucking lows can be completely unbearable, and intolerable.


Why am i so pissed off?

And don't give me that ceratonin bullshit.
Depression stems from an inability to cope with a particular detail of your life.
I forget who said it but it was somebody.

Fuck, i wish the mind could evaluate inwards as well as it can outwards.
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Aug. 27th, 2006 @ 04:14 pm In Regards To Perfection...
society can't deal with individuals, it does know how to cope with the erratic, unpredictability of many individual entities, it prefers a collective, in order to limit randomness and disorder and much as possible, in hopes of some day, eliminating it completely. The goal of a society is to work towards functioning as one mind, one entity, that behaves under the guidelines of what is considered normal, like one perfect atom, that only exibits perfect behaviors, and can perform them all simultaneously with endless multitude because of the sheer perfection of its actions.
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Aug. 27th, 2006 @ 04:14 pm In Regards To A Person's Age...
it's funny how much merit and respect we attach to a person based on their age - as if age means anything at all. if age were the main factor of intellect and experience then how is it that people the same age can vary so greatly, and how is it that some mature more than others, and others still never mature at all?
it's very simple, if you're willing to accept the answer (as is the case with most seemingly intricate matters) it is clear evidence of the soul, that exists above and beyond the physical body. it has lived before our current namesake, and it will live long after, but it is the soul itself which carries the true age of a person. youth with eyes of an elder, and elders with a glimmer of youth. now factor that into this whole cycle of power our society exists in today and you'll begin to understand the sense of imbalance those with true age actually feel.
We all carry with us the wisdom of our true age, it is merely a matter of awakening it.

These are "age-old" ideas that can only be reworded and rephrased, never rewritten.
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Aug. 27th, 2006 @ 04:13 pm Ever Play Monopoly? Sure You Have...
so you don't think this world is corrupt beyond anything? you still somehow believe that the governmet is here to help you out and that we are all striving towards a collective advancement within society? well, use this grenage as a q-tip: every play Monopoly? sure you have, everyone has, it's an all-American game. well, for those who haven't, you go around the board buying land, and then charge other people rent when they land on your property. the only way to get property is by landing on an unowned space, or by bartering with someone else, using money or land you already own, yadda yadda yadda til one person owns everything and everyone else is broke. well, the whole premise of this game - the thing that makes it work - is the fact that everyone starts on equal ground, and it's a battle to claim the most, best property the quickest. well, imagine jumping in late in the game, when half the property is owned. do you stand a chance? what about when the entire gameboard is already owned, every bit of property is sitting safely within someone's possession. what would be the point in playing? maybe people will give you some money and land out of pity - to get you off your feet so to speak - but surely not enough to outweigh them or even come close. they still want to win.
well this is the world we were born into, this depressed youth that has nothing and can achieve barely enough to compete, despite obvious gifts and talents.
we know we've lost, yet we're stil forced to play.
we're being humored, and we can't make them stop.
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Aug. 27th, 2006 @ 04:10 pm ...
so yeah, this is a place to VENT.
everyone needs to vent sometime or another - get a bit of angst of your chest - kick the metaphorical cat, maybe.
whatver the case may be, it's your right to say whatever the hell you want.
let this be a place without restrictions.
a form of self-therapy if you will.
go nuts.
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